Gasification Technology Provider

The Gasification Process Plant integrates several individual systems or components to convert virtually any carbon-containing feedstock into Synthesis gas (Syngas)

The Plant consists of three primary technologies for the production of Syngas:

  1. Pyrolysis Gas Processing and Recycle Heat System
  2. Gasification Processing System
  3. Syngas Scrubbing and Cooling Purification System

The Gasification Plant Provides a number of efficiencies

  • Cleaner Syngas, lower emissions
  • Flexible feedstock, no slurry requirements
  • No Air Separation Unit
  • No ceramic refractory brick – better uptime, reliability
  • Efficient operation achieved at a smaller scale enables step-wise plant construction and capital investment
  • Parts of the facility are designed to promote quick assembly/disassembly and ease of maintenance
  • 18 to 24 month lead time, rapid implementation
This gasification technology is unique from other commercial plant designs which can be generally classified as partial oxidation reactors (POX), in which a portion of the feedstock being gasified is combusted in an internally fired combustion chamber with insufficient oxygen for complete combustion, thus creating syngas. In the Gasification process the feedstock material is externally heated in the absence of oxygen creating a much cleaner syngas as it does not contain the combustion by products of a POX reactor. No emissions are created from the feedstock material itself.

A Gasification process schematic example